A female desert banded gecko (Coleonyx variegatus variegatus) hunts for insects at night in the northern Mojave desert.

Hello, and welcome!

You’ve reached Look where you live, Ceal Klingler’s online home. Although this site focuses on the westernmost overlap of the Great Basin and Mojave deserts, the eastern Sierra Nevada, and the greater southwestern U.S., please also think of it as a plea to look where you liveā€”to notice plants, animals (including humans), and other organisms who are our neighbors. Other animals pollinate the plants we eat; other organisms populate and protect everything from the ground we walk on to our intestines and eyelashes. Every gulp of air we take depends on others, and their existence now depends on us.

Think of this site as a desert packrat’s nest, an untidy construction of natural history, observations, news, sticks, rocks, shotgun shells, and petrified . . . er, stuff: photos, scrawled notes, and links to ways we can learn or help. Or think of it as a small thalweg between civics and citizen science, dedicated to the animals, plants, and other organisms that make every spot on the thin skin of this planet a unique and irreplaceable place.